Finally — a new Web site!

Welcome to our new Web site, which is about six years overdue…  ;-)
The site will be pretty sparse for a while, but should grow as time passes.

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3 Responses to Finally — a new Web site!

  1. michael andrews says:

    I like you knew web site.

  2. I’m wondering if Thea’s courses are available? I can’t find anything about them other than that she has created them. I’d like to start a Macro T group and wonder if she has developed study materials that can be used?

  3. Andrew Smith says:

    A comment, hmm, too many comments. Mostly curiousity. Is Thea still around, having fun? Living life? I read 2150 a long long time ago and it changed a lot of my perspectives for all time. True, my readings were varied so I have a slew of influences, but this book is one of only a few that guided how I approached my life. I check this site from time to time and see little movement, why? The message is good if you look at it the message is timeless, is it lost in todays “mib” filled world?

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