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TheaThea Alexander is a counseling psychologist and best selling author. Her books, 2150 AD Macro Philosophy, The Macro Study Series, and her stories in The Chicken Soup for the Soul books, have changed millions of lives.

She has counseled, lectured internationally, authored two daily newspaper columns, and hosted a television interview series. Educated as a counselor, her academic achievements earned her membership in the honorary society, Phi Beta Kappa. She invented a new, succinct (two to six hours) technique of assisting people toward achieving their potential, called Personal Evolution Tutoring.

Her Macro Study Series addresses topics such as the nature of time, prophecy, twin souls, soul mates, parallel lives, applied Macro Philosophy, dream interpretation, and how to do Personal Evolution Tutoring.

Thea Alexander is honored in the 1996 50th Anniversary edition of Marquis Who’s Who for her work toward a better world. She is featured in a number of books that describe the lives of people who have made exceptional contributions to the well being of their fellow man, such as The Aladdin Factor, and Finding the Great Creative You.

Full credit classes have been presented on her books at many prestigious schools, both in the United States and abroad, including the University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Texas, to name just a few.

Thea Alexander’s proudest accomplishment is that she raised two fine children – Bonnie Ember Plym, R.N., who died Christmas Eve, 1997, and Donald Larkin Alexander. Her greatest joy is spending time with her son and her two grandchildren, Melody and Nathan Alexander.

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  1. Strange. A friend sent me a link to 2050 but after I looked at the cover, I realized I already had a copy I bought in the late 80s. I also bought a couple of other books that were about the Macro Philosophy. They are in my storage building. But it brought back old memories. The philosophy described was similar to that which I was taught in Wales in the 60s. I also am an author and have written 23 books about a Welsh Earth Religion. You can go to http://www.dynionmwyn.net/DMbooks.html an see most of them. But the reason that i am writing is just to let you know that your book and philosophy encouraged me enough that I wrote MY books. Thank You. Good old synchronicity.

    Rhuddlwm Gawr

  2. Patricia Stimpson says:

    Dear Thea, I took your course in Phoenix in the mid-80′s. Today I was prowling my bookcase in search of something but I didn’t know what. When I came across your books I pulled them out and thought “I wonder what Thea is up to”? So I’m searching the internet for your name, found the old website, didn’t answer my question. Looked on Wikipedia, didn’t answer my question. I thought “there must be more somewhere – I can feel it”. Searched deeper and found this site. How interesting that this site just went up in May! So, what are you up to? Teaching? Writing?

  3. I’ve been a fan of 2150 The Macro Love Story since I was 15. And now I have the honor to invite you to contribute to the fifth book in the respected Now Write! series of writing exercise books published by Tarcher/Penguin.

    Now Write! Speculative Fiction is a book of writing exercises by accomplished authors of sci-fi, fantasy, horror or a combination. Each piece includes an introductory essay stating why the exercise is important and/or how the author has used it in their own writing. The essay, exercise and brief bio should be 2-4 double-spaced pages.

    Your exercise could be on any topic of your choosing, such as research, character, dialogue, plot, especially anything specific to writing in your genre. This is an opportunity to share your best ‘trade secret’ with aspiring authors.

    The submission deadline is January 15, 2012. Naturally I would appreciate receiving it as soon as possible but if you need more time, just let me know.

    It would be a genuine honor to include you in this anthology. Please let me know if you are interested in participating and if you have any questions.

    With best wishes,
    Laurie Lamson

    P.S. Please visit NowWrite.net for more info on all the books in the series.

  4. Kathleen says:

    How do I find out more about Personal Evolution Training?

    Thank You!

  5. Rick Davila says:


    I have often wondered where Thea is today and if she may be reached. Please accept my request to re connect with what her Itinerary is. Thank you

  6. Thea, It’s nice to see you are still gracing the planet with your wisdom. We meet through
    Meri Duim (chakra energy worker) back in the early 1980′s.
    Just wanted to say hello and send blessings.
    loreena hackett – facebook

  7. David Savage says:

    Hi Thea!

    I read 2150 A.D. in the (19)70s. :) It impressed me so much! I think of it now and then. The latest trigger was reading the science fiction novel Triggers and science fiction trilogy www:Wake, Watch, and Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer, as well as my intermittent interest in developing the ability to have lucid dreams.

    Thank you and Don for writing that story that so much hooks into a universal yearning. I think why I thought of the book and you is that what the story has in common with Sawyer’s books is the blend of fact and fiction, especially with the development of Macro Philosophy.

    Where can I found out more about Personal Evolution Tutoring? Is there anyone near Vienna, VA 22181 who does that?

    Additional websites:


    David Savage

  8. Elle says:

    The 70s and 80s were “heady” times in NYC. Myself and a group of friends were opening up to “new age” material. Thea Alexander and “2150″ was a treasured part of our new “library.” And now, decades later I am cleaning-out a loved one’s home after her passing. And suddenly there are tubs and bags of my “stuff.” Among it all is a Macro newsletter and it just stopped me in my tracks. And I sighed deeply! Today I am on this website wondering if there is some additional connection in the 21st century. Could you please keep me updated if there are events or additional publications. With thanks…

  9. Sam says:

    Hi Thea Alexander

    I recently read your book 2150ad i was entralled by it from beginning to end, thank you for sharing such a remarkable piece of work.

    I have a question about your other books like simultaneous lives and conversations with rana……is there no way they can be sold for less …..or could i buy a pdf copy off you.

    Thanks for your time


    • admin says:

      “Sorry, at this time, no — and we have not yet created .pdf files of the booklets.
      Where did you see the booklets and at what price? We’ve been thinking about placing them on the net.

      We appreciate your interest,
      Don Alexander

  10. Read your book twenty or more years ago interested in what has happened since

  11. Ruthann Herring says:

    I was cleaning out my books, (intently) and noticed i had been carring around 2150 for years, it just spoke to me to hang on to it. I began facillitating A Course in Miracles in 79, and still do so, and as i am finally reading this book i am seeing so many likenesses in it with idea’s that coralate with ACIM. My inner journey began around 78, (this time ) i call it a remembering. I am enjoying the book, and it just varifies for me that the ONE MIND is leading and it will become clearer and clearer to US as we let go of our little mind of who we think we are. You two were apparently pretty clear to have received the info. that you put down. Happy Thots RH

    • admin says:

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed 2150 AD. After so many years, it’s nice to know that it is still fulfilling its goal of stimulating active minds!
      With Macro love,

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