The Macro Society

The Macro Society started its work in 1972 to assist the evolution of the human race, by providing learning opportunities and study materials emphasizing individual responsibility and the power of choice. It is a non-profit organization comprising an unstructured group of growth-oriented dogma-free individuals who aspire to live by the following ethics:

We honor and value the uniqueness of ourselves and others.

We see life as a constantly changing, constantly evolving series of choices, created by ourselves for the adventure of our own evolution.

We believe that we are individually responsible for making each of our own life choices, and for creatively handling their end results in a manner which honors and respects all beings.

We inspire people to consistently live their values, to be their "Best self" at all times, and to lovingly stand for what they believe while always honoring the right of others to believe differently.

Internet Discussion Group

There is an Internet discussion group devoted to Macro Philosophy; it was created by Canadian members of the Macro Society. Although the forum is not moderated by the Macro Society, and the posts don't always relate to Macro Philosophy, the board is a good place to find information and start discussions with people who are interested in Macro thinking. The link is here:

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