Thea Alexander

Thea Alexander is a counseling psychologist and best selling author. Her books, 2150 AD and Macro Philosophy, and her Macro Study Series have changed millions of lives.

Honored in the 1996 50th Anniversary edition of Marquis Who's Who for her work toward a better world, Thea has counseled, lectured internationally, authored a newspapere column, and hosted a television interview series. Educated as a counselor (Phi Beta Kappa), she invented a new, succinct (two to six hours) technique of assisting people toward achieving their potetial, called Personal Evolution Tutoring.

Thea is featured in a number of books which describe the lives of people who have made exceptional contributions to the well being of their fellow man, such as The Aladdin Factor, and Finding the Great Creative You. Her Macro Study Series addresses topics such as the nature of time, prophecy, twin souls, soul mates, parallel lives, applied Macro Philosophy, dream interpretation, and how to do Personal Evolution Tutoring.

Full credit classes have been presented on her books at many prestigious schools, both in the United States and abroad, including Ahmerst, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Texas, to name just a few.

Thea's proudest accomplishment is that she raised two fine children - Bonnie Ember Plym, R.N., who died Christmas Eve, 1997, and Donald Larkin Alexander. Her greatest joy is spending time with her grandchildren, Melody and Nathan Alexander.

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