Macro Philosophy

Macro Philosophy is a system for relating all things from the smallest (micro) to the largest (Macro). Its basic tenets are that all things are not only related, they are macrocosmically one, and what is, is perfect. Things are only separate and divisible from micro-limited viewpoints.

Macro Philosophy envisions a microcosmic-Macrocosmic continnum (m-M continuum) in which neutrons, protons, and electrons are indivisible parts of ever larger physical bodies such as man. Continuing, we can perceive man as an indivisible part of a third planet, called Earth. Again enlarging our perspective, we can perceive this planet as an indivisible part of a solar system which is, in turn, an indivisible part of a galaxy, and so on...

Man feel pain and lonliness and experiences sickness and death to the extent that he:
1. Feels separate and divided from self/others/universe/God (the Macrocosm)
2. Denies the perfection of what is.
3. Refuses to accept exclusive responsibility for all that he experiences.

Why does the feeling of separateness cause anxiety? Because anything or anyone that we perceive as separate, foreign, or alien to us is a potential threat - potentially anxiety-producing. To the degree that we feel oneness or union with anything or anyone we can feel comfortable, accepting and loving - the opposite of anxiety.

From a Macro perspective, all human suffering, fear, hate, pain, and disease are the result of lack of faith that all is one - all is love- all is what you might call God. All is perfect.

This doesn't mean that negative thoughts, feelings, and actions don't exist. It points out that they are the products of unbalanced micro thinking. All the great religions of the world have proclaimed that "as you sow, so shall you reap." Macro Philosophy presents this in terms of the consequences of negative and postive thought patterns. If you are afraid that something will happen, it usually does because that's what you've spent your thought energy on.

The wise man in Proverbs 23:7, over 2,000 years ago stated that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Macro Philosophy holds that a negative thought produces a negative feeling and a negative experience, while a positive thought produces a positive feeling and a positive experience. No thought is ever forgotten. All our thoughts reside in our sebconscious mind (what the ancients called the heart) where each negative thought continues to produce negative feelings until it is balanced or cancelled by a positive thought of equal intensity/strength.

Negative thought produces anxieties (psychological pain) such as fear, anger, frustration, guilt, depression, sadness, etc. We try to avoid negative feelings by denying their existence, instead of recognizing that we cause our own negative feelings by thinking negative thoughts.

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